Do you want to rent your holiday property on the Costa Brava in Spain?

Dear owners,

You love your holiday villa, house or apartment, you have furnished it with passion and you have spent energy and money to decorate it with taste to enjoy your summer vacation in your second home in Spain on the Costa Brava.

You have to deal with the maintenance of your holiday property in Spain, local and real estate taxes and other charges.

You plan to rent your holiday house or apartment on the Costa Brava to reduce your expenses, but it is a difficult step and you ask yourself: in what condition will I find my house, villa or apartment when the rental season is finished?

Entrust your holiday property for rent to one of our Immo Center rental real estate agencies in Spain, we will ensure the management of your holiday home as if we were the owners ourselves with an optimal seasonal rental income and the guarantee of finding your rental property on the Costa Brava in immaculate condition at your return.

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